Episode 9

Episode 35 - Final Fantasy VI

KEFKA PLEEAASSSEEEE!!! We're back... not just back with a new episode, but back to our FINAL FANTASY series! This time, it's the Internet's number-one favorite of the entire series, Final Fantasy VI! (Or III, if you grew up in North America in the mid-90s...)

The last iteration of the wrongly-numbered Finals Fantasy, the hosts finally got to have a rose-tinted glasses segment for this one, since they have finally caught up to themselves, and played this one growing up... very exciting times! With parties chock-full of dozens of characters, they worked with Magitek, found Espers, fought Kefka, and most importantly, BODY-SLAMMED A FREAKIN' TRAIN!

Hop on board (but not on board the body-slammed train, that thing was freakin' evil, and also, we do not recommend being aboard trains while they are flipped upside-down, for the health and safety of all involved), click play, give it a listen, and then go ahead and leave a five-star review (hint, hint!)

Let's do it!

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