Episode 8

Episode 34 - SimCity 2000

"Aliens! Earthquakes! Riots! FIIIRRREEEE!!" At least, if you ask Host Katie, that's the plot summary of SimCity 2000... Producer Kyle might instead go with "Electrical grid, taxes, bond measures, and population growth!".

Any way you cut it, SimCity 2000 changed the world of simulation gaming. An unbelievable level of depth, especially for its time, truly set it a cut above anything else of its era. It can be played a thousand different ways, from super hard and slow to cheated and money-filled and plowing through to the endgame, and you can see it in the DNA of all the simulation games to come, definitely including the smash-hit Sims from them later on.

So hop in that Launch Arcology, blast off your podcast player, and just remember kids, nuclear power is a good thing!

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