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Episode 36 - Super Mario 64

Its-a-us, GWGW! For our 36th episode, there was no better choice than a game with a completely DIFFERENT number in it, Super Mario two-to-the-sixth power! I mean, Super Mario 64! Back to the favorite console of everyone with three hands, the N64, and all its three-dimensional glory!

Hosts Chris and Katie run, jump, triple jump, wall jump, side jump, slide jump, and... I don't know, probably some other kind of jump, taking everyone's favorite red-hatted, pipe-plumbing, badly-caricatured-Italian plumber, Mario, through adventures in 15(ish) worlds, fighting 3(ish) Bowsers, and saving 1(ish) Princess Peachstool.

So act like Mario, and JUMP (Get it? Jump? Like him? JUMPMAN? See? Get it? Don't worry, you'll laugh at it when you think about it later...)


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