Episode 16

Episode 53 - The Oregon Trail

Let's all hop along, hop along onto the wagon... why? Because we've got a trail to ride my friends, a trail to O-re-gon! And what'll we do on our way way over there? Why, we'll...

Get dysentery!

Get robbed!

Break limbs!

Get stranded!

Go hungry!

Die of thirst!

Get bitten by snakes!

...and fail to ford a few rivers!

Because that's the way it goes, down yonder O-re-gon way!

Guess what this episode's all about? If you were in elementary or middle school around when we were, you'll be having flashbacks about now to the greatest text-based edutainment game located in every school in the country right about now!

If not... hop on in and get your learn on! TO OREGON!

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