Episode 15

Episode 52 - Super Mario World

It's a-me... YOSHI! After 51 warm-up episodes, the hosts of the show have finally gotten enough podcasting under their belt, and are ready to tackle the most important game in history, SUPER MARIO WORLD!

Why is it the most important game ever? Well obviously, because it was the debut of ME, Yoshi! Not some stupid horse, not a sidekick, but the hero of the series. Letting that bumbling Mario get where he needs to, protecting him, eating everyone he can't beat by himself... let's be real, he'd never have found all those level exits without me!

Now, what did these two intrepid hosts think of my game, going back to play it? Did they like the new and expansive world? Did they love my auto-scrolling levels? Were they enthralled by the colored Switch Palaces? How did they enjoy re-visiting all of Bowser's minions?

There's really only one way to find out... twirl-jumping yourself over to hitting the Play button and checking it all out, of course! And don't you DARE think about sacrificing me to my doom just so you can make a particularly long jump! I REMEMBER....

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