Episode 6

Episode 6 – Road Rash II

It’s time to hop onto our motorcycles (whether the Shuriken 400 or Diablo 1000 N) and hit the road for some high-speed, chain-whipping, cop-avoiding, bike-popping action with 1992’s Road Rash II on the Sega Genesis!

In this episode, Chris and Katie navigate us through this classic and its blend of adrenaline, frustration, and yelling at the TV and each other growing up.  Take a listen as they remember the fun of knocking each other off their bikes, spinning chains above their heads, and desperately trying not to get busted by the police, and then see just how well it held up almost 30 years later.

It might not have the greatest musical score or graphics in the world, but this one kept the excitement going!  Let’s ride!

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