Episode 4

Episode 41 - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Alpha, get me some teenagers with attitude!

Well, we may not be teenagers anymore, but I think anyone who has listened to even part of an episode of this podcast knows there's plenty of attitude to go around. And hey, if you check the show's title out, we DID grow up, way back when! And the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers were a formative part of that growing up.

Whether the TV show or the SNES game, you've gotta enjoy Rita Repulsa, the Rangers, and all that goes along with it.

On the other hand... what the heck are the putties doing with KNIVES?

This one is a bit of a deeper cut, and you'll have to listen to find out whether that risk/reward gamble paid off... suffice to say, opinions were a bit divided, and we nearly set a new score record! Hit "play" and find out in what way!

It's morphin' time!

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