Episode 12

Episode 38 - Crash Team Racing

3, 2, 1... race! Get your boost on, drift around the corners, and take out Mario, Bowser, and Peach! Oh wait... no... hold on, that's... Coco, Pura, and Dingodile! Why, that must mean that we're in the world of CRASH TEAM RACING!

Why yes, you brilliant clue-deducer you, we ARE! We've gone back to the Playstation 64... err, I mean, Playstation 1, and we're hoppin' into our four-wheeled carts of fury to race to save the Galaxy from the nefarious hands of Nitros Oxide by proving once and for all that we, Crash Bandicoot (or Coco Bandicoot, or your favorite racer) are, in fact, the fastest racers in the Galaxy, and save ourselves from eternal parking-lot-based doom! (Trust me, this makes sense once you hear the episode).

So join us as the hosts struggle with a "classic" mode that's maybe too hard, drifting that's DEFINITELY too hard, and a recap of a real-life Crash Team Racing tournament! Plus, more information about our upcoming LIVE EPISODE (ooooooohhhh)!

Let's a-go!

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