Episode 16

Episode 16 – Grand Theft Auto 2

GIMMEYOURWALLET!  We’re stealin’ cars, throwin’ molotov cocktails, and… turnin’ gangsters into hot dogs?  Well, it’s GRAND THEFT AUTO 2, what do you expect?!?

Hosts Chris and Katie are hopping into the driver’s seat and rolling back the odometers of their memories to check out this top-down, crazy, violent, tank-driving classic that helped spawn an era of open-world sandbox games, even outside of its hugely successful franchise.

Listen in and find out… can Katie drive a stolen car better than she flew a plane in Chuck Yeager?  Was Chris able to buckle down and finish all 3 zones?  Was everything as good as the two of them remembered?  Spoiler alert: No, no, and… shhh, sorry, that last one you really have to check the episode out to learn!

Slam, baby.

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